Friday, September 5, 2014

Join Bike Train 2--7:45 a.m. TEUC Day (Wed Sept 10) starting at Merola's (Plattsburgh Ave/North Ave)

Posted on FPF Sept 3:  FYI

Ride to Support Bike Infrastructure Sept. 10

Event: Sep 10, 2014
Burlington Bike Train
There has been a lot of recent talk of change in the New North End of Burlington, primarily via the recently completed North Ave Corridor Study. The recommended changes will be presented to the TUEC Committee on the evening of this ride. We're riding to show support for real change to the corridor, which is currently very bike unfriendly for most of its length.
What is a Bike Train? A Bike Train is a group ride that obeys traffic laws and practices courtesy by placing space between riders (as opposed to riding en masse) such that other road users may operate around bicyclists as they would normally. The long line of bicyclists shows that BIKES RIDE HERE and that better infrastructure is needed for all road users to operate safely and efficiently.
We'll ride from Merola's at the intersection of Plattsburg and North Ave. all the way down to North St. where the current study ends. The ride will double back along Lakeview to end up at Scout & Company.
Usually, the Mayor is at The Bagel on North Ave on Wednesday mornings, so we might do a quick stop there as well.
Please spread the word, invite your friends to the ride (and to join the group). We're really hoping for a great turnout for this ride, since a strong show of support for much needed bike infrastructure on North Ave will help push City Council to support the changes we all want!

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