Sunday, August 2, 2015

First Northeast U.S. Modern Roundabout in Montpelier Celebrates its 20th Birthday in August/U.S. Highway Safety

The First Modern Roundabout East of Colorado and North of Maryland Reaches 20th Birthday This August: Keck Circle Montpelier, VT.
     By Tony Redington  TonyRVT08

North Avenue Corridor Task Force member R. J. Lalumiere video taken in field visit by NPA 3, 4, and 7 November 1, 2013: (5:43 clip best summary)

At eventide on August 16, 1995 just after application of the Spring and Main Streets modern roundabout's first course asphalt paving, two young bicyclists circled a time or two on the still hot circular travelway. A few minutes later after the paving equipment fully cleared, traffic barriers came down and the first modern roundabout in the northeast opened for four-wheeled vehicles too. So began the first hour of Keck Circle in Montpelier, Vermont's first roundabout--the first north of Maryland and east of Colorado, and 19th built in the U.S.