Saturday, September 13, 2014

Full City Council Considers Approving North Avenue Corridor Plan Sept. 22 after Council Committee Approval Sept 10

The North Avenue Corridor Plan draft approved by the study Advisory Committee advanced with one minor change to the City Council following a unanimous vote by the Council’s Transportation, Energy and Utilities Committee (TEUC) September 10.

The Burlington City Council will consider adoption of the plan at their Monday, September 22nd meeting.

The TEUC, chaired by Max Tracy, Ward 2, vote took place after 19 residents spoke in favor of the Advisory Plan and one resident questioned the need to move the plan which took 15 months to prepare so quickly to adoption.  About 40 residents attended the meeting.  The hearing and vote was held at the Police Department meeting room and is available on CCTV.

Some amendments were considered by the Committee but eventually withdrawn.  The two-and-a-half hour generally quiet meeting and thoughtfully presented comments limited to two minutes each was broken following the Council approval vote by a burst of applause.  The one change to the draft plan was to retain a 30 mph speed limit between VT 127 and the Shore Rd./Heineberg Rd. intersection.


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  2. What did we really expect from these guys anyways? Certainly not honest reports or truthfully reporting the amount of residential ward 4 & 7 members who are not in favor of these proposal in any of these forms! No, that might complicate the discussion with the city council passing any of this crap if they really knew we didn't all like your Kool-Aid. What a bunch of snakes you guys are to do this. The minimum effort you could have taken was submit the comments from the FPF for those of us who have not been able to keep up with the "secret squirrel" meeting schedules on these on going secret meetings, or even other stuff like the CSWD trash consolidation and monopoly project. Can't wait until trash is controlled BT the government! They do such a great job with everything else they run don't they?

  3. Thank you to all who put in numerous hours on this initiative, particularly the amount of information that was made available to those of us who live in the area. While I did not attend many of the meetings I was able to stay informed through these posts, FPF, etc. North Avenue is a disaster in its current form. It is not safe for me to make a left turn onto Ethan Allen Parkway after picking my kids up from soccer practice and it is certainly not safe for my children to bike to local stores or to the waterfront. I am thankful that the new North Avenue will be more family friendly while having a negligible impact on commuting times.

  4. 30mph speed through the area that is most dense with people crossing, cars turning, bus stops -- what are they thinking? This is an unsafe, car-centric, bad decision. What were they thinking?


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