Sunday, August 31, 2014

City Council Committee Final Hearing/Action Wednesday, September 10, 6 p.m. Police Department Meeting Room

The final committee decisions on a draft North Avenue Corridor Plan occur at  the Transportation, Energy and Utilities (TEUC) Committee meeting Wednesday September 10 starting at 6 p.m. at the Police Department public meeting room in the building at the top of Battery Park.

The TEUC meeting it open to all and everyone who attends will be allotted time to speak on the draft plan, Councilor Max Tracy, chair, has assured.  The other two TEUC committee members are Ward 7 Councilor Tom Ayres who also represented the City Council on the study Advisory Committee and Ward 5 Councilor Chip Mason.  The last step in the review process is expected at a late September  City Council meeting.

The major Advisory Committee short term (within three years)  recommendations: (1) a four-lane to three-lane remarking of North Avenue between Shore Rd./Heineberg Rd. and VT 127; (2) establishing bike lanes on the roadway from Plattsburgh Avenue to Washington Street with cycle track (protected bike lanes which in this case will be flexible posts) between VT 127 and Institute Rd (BHS).

The long term vision includes the goal of North Avenue as a "world class" street with the highest level of safety for those who walk, bicycle, and travel by car or transit.   Achieving that goal includes cycle track from end to end of the 2.8 mile corridor (Plattsburgh Ave. to North St.) and three roundabouts replacing traffic signals at VT 127,  Burlington High School (Institute Rd.) and Plattsburgh Ave).  The improvements for North Avenue represent the first transportation investments impacting on North Avenue since the completion of the Bikepath in 1986 and the Beltline in the 1970s.

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