Sunday, March 23, 2014

INDEX of Documents prepared for the North Avenue Corridor Study Advisory Committee

Index of /corridors/NorthAve


  1. How does a car/driver safely exit Berry Street - going North? Traffic stream coming fast from both directions, add increasing bikes, pedestrians/runners coming from both sides. Visibility not so great for oncoming vehicles from south on North Avenue, will parking be allowed south of Berry? (It is now.) North of Berry? All this complicated by traffic entering stream from Washington Street doing the same frantic looking north and south on North Ave, across to Berry. How will opening of café in Packard Lofts affect the situation of entering traffic stream?
    What is the solution? Task Force's/ DPW/somebody's.
    It's a "not if but when" situation.

    1. Diana, will make sure your Ward 7 Representative on the Corridor Study Advisory Committee (Barry Trutor) takes this to the AC table, and to the Task Force which will be continuing to monitor issues like this after the study ends. Chapin Spencer, DPW, is coming to North End NPA on Apr 23, Miller Center -- it is an issue the city needs to address NOW! Come and tell him about your concern.


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