Sunday, August 31, 2014

Replacing Signals with Roundabouts--Routine Now

The City of Cologne replaced 200 traffic signals with roundabouts and another 90 signals scheduled for the scrap heap there, a trend throughout Germany. Surveys show anywhere from 40 to 100 percent of signals can go the way of the dodo bird.  And the German bike federation applauds the trend.   Article somewhat dated but still topical. 

Burlington has 75 signalized intersection, Vermont about 400.  
The Brattleboro Keene-Turn Roundabout was the first Vermont traffic signal to roundabout conversion in 1999 and injuries dropped 95 percent (five years before, 55, five years after conversion 1).  Montpelier's second roundabout at US 2/302 also replaced a traffic signal.  Manchester Center plans include converting its only two remaining signals to roundabouts (Depot Street).  Brattleboro's Putney Road corridor road re-development plan supported by the Town and Vermont Agency of Transportation converts the three remaining signals from Keeene Turn Roundabout south on US 5 to roundabouts as well as installing both walk and bike mode quality facilities. 

The three signals to roundabouts conversion on North Avenue in the draft plan is just a continuation of the movement to improve intersections with the roundabout reducing delay for all users, saving gasoline and associated pollution (including greenhouse gas emissions), improving scenic quality, and reducing injury and fatality rates for all modes up to 90%.


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