Monday, December 28, 2015


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Here are some of the myths that have been circulated to persuade residents to sign a petition calling for four vehicular lanes on North Avenue. Some claims are obviously false or silly, but others could be substituted for reliable information. Get the facts.

  • EPA bike lanes --  Claiming that bike lanes are a conspiracy between the Environmental Protection Agency and Burlington is silly, but it's really code for liberal ideas, claiming that people who ride bikes are liberals, and they most likely support environmental protection. .
  • They are trying to take away our cars -- b/w 4 Lane signs are recycled Gun Rights signs, and this claim connects guns with cars, code for the idea that people who want to take away your guns (gun control) also want to take away your cars.
  • It will cause congestion and delays when people are trying to get to work. Congestion is present now, and two through lanes, with a middle turning lane and separate bike lanes, will bring consistency and smooth flow to the Avenue. And, it will be much safer, for everyone.
  • Even if you support a road diet, you should sign the petition to prevent the pilot project. Say what?

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