Friday, November 13, 2015


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  1. A post submitted to FPF (Saratoga/Village Green). Feel free to share around the North Ave Area:

    "As a teacher at Burlington High School, I recently had my students map out the different ways they travel around Burlington. Most of the students were seniors, and in reviewing both student generated maps and written work, two main themes jumped out: 1) High school students may be the most multi-modal transportation users in the city. Many of them use busses, cars, bicycles, and walk with great regularity. Sometimes their bus use, cycling and walking is out of necessity, and sometimes it is out of choice. 2) A large percentage of them feel unsafe while biking. Safety was a common reason students listed for not riding their bikes more often, even as they saw environmental, physical, and mental health benefits to cycling. Students said that they felt that the city’s bicycle infrastructure and their perceived attitudes of people in cars were inadequate for safe cycling. Several of the students from the New North End spoke specifically about how they felt unsafe riding on both North Avenue and its sidewalks, both of which they use to get to school. In a society where we should be encouraging people to ride their bikes, as both a teacher and a parent of young children, I support the pilot study so that some of our most vulnerable residents can safely enjoy the autonomy, mobility, and environmental responsibility that a bicycle affords its rider. May we consider the needs of all the people using Burlington’s streets and sidewalks, not just in the New North End, but throughout the city.


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