Thursday, May 22, 2014

More on Up and Running Public Participation North Avenue Survey--Open to Anyone Interested!

Anyone interested can take the North Avenue "Likes and Dislikes" public participation survey following the public workshop on Tuesday this week.  The Regional Planning website has the survey right at the top of the page as well as access to all the documents of the study to date.

Here is the website address:

By taking the survey, your input helps put the finishing touches on public involvement as the Advisory Committee meets on June 10 at the Miller Center to complete the discussion as study goes to final draft.  Whether work, reside, own a business or reside on the corridor or nearby--all are welcome to check over the choices for improvement for each major intersection and road section from Plattsburgh Ave to North St.

One can do a thumbs up (or down) on every single alternative as well as make a comment on the intersection or road segment (feel free to disagree!).

The survey took this writer about 15 minutes because of the large number of items and making comments in many cases.

Everyone gets a say!

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